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Expansion Joints
All Exhaust Gas Ductwork require Expansion Joints or Vibration Eliminators to absorb any movement in the Ductwork.

Merlyn Products manufacture a range of Fabric Expansion Joints to suit all temperatures from ambient to 700°C, with normal and corrosive mediums.

We also supply Fabric Expansion Joints with high density materials to assist with sound absorption in joints on or near fans.

Our service offers a complete design manufacture and supply of the Fabric Expansion Joints and associated Steelwork. We also offer on site supervision of installation on our units.

Fabricated Insulation Covers
There's an increasing demand for removable Insulation Covers for all types of high temperature equipment which require regular maintenance.

Merlyn Products have the ability to design covers utilizing their range of Fabrics to suit the prevailing conditions and to encapsulate a selection of insulating materials to the calculated thickness to minimize heat loss.

Equipment likely to use these covers are: Turbines valves, turbo charges, exhaust systems, flanges & flexible joints.

Acoustic Insulation
There is a wide range of products available to reduce Sound Reverberation and Penetration.

All situations are covered by our range of Acoustic Foams, Loaded Vinyls, with composites of these two materials as well as the full range of Glasswool and Rockwool.

We will cut all the materials to specific shapes, as well as make Acoustic Covers from, Sheet Metal for Generator Enclosures, to fabric covers with the Acoustic Insulations sewn into the linings.

We will also supply and install Acoustic Insulations into Plant Rooms and Standby Generator Rooms.

Thermal Fabric Ropes & Tapes
High temperature fabrics play a big part in Industry and we carry a large range of fabrics to suit all situations.

The range covers PVC coated Polyester 90°C, Kevlar 400°C, Glass Cloth 550°C, Silica Fabric 1000°C, Ceramic Cloth 1260°C and Nextel 1450°C.

We can provide a range of Tapes and Ropes in the same material as the fabrics, all suitable for seals gaskets, pipe wrapping door seals and tadpole or keyhole tape.

Thermal Insulation
Industry demands a wide range of Thermal Insulation and this is well catered for by our selection of Thermal Insulation covering temperatures from -40°C to 1400°C.

For cryogenic situations we offer Foamglass and Polyurethane, Polystyrene for chilled water and Glasswool and Rockwool for temperatures in the range 30°C to 820°C.

We have a range of soft Refractory in our Ceramic Products covering temperatures from 650° C to 1400°C.

Marine Industry
We are a foremost supplier to the Marine Industry and offer a range of Exhaust Lagging, Turbo Charger Covers and Insulation Blankets for Vibration Eliminators.

The Marine Industry also use Structural Fire Protection Products and Acoustic Insulation.

Our Fabrication Division is available to manufacture supply and install all types of Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Products to suit most situations in the Marine Industry.

Door Seals And Gaskets
We have a wide range of High Temperature Door Seals and Gaskets. These are made from Silicon Rubber, Fiber glass or Ceramic Fiber. These are supplied in square or round braided ropes or flat tape. Our Fabrication Division have the ability to manufacture seals to any shape or thickness to suit Customer requirements.

High temperature Boards come in many thick ness's and densities to suit particular applications and Merlyn Products Pty.Ltd. Have a range to suit most applications such as Fire Doors, Mill Boards and Pneumatic or Hydraulic Rams.

Dust Covers
We manufacture Dust Covers in many forms from simple throw over Blankets or Curtains to suit ambient conditions, to Bellows in temperature applications, as well as dust protectors for Pneumatic or Hydraulic Rams.

High Temperature Gaskets
We have the facility to cut our range of Boards, Fabrics, Coated Fabrics and Ceramic Paper into any shape suitable for gaskets in all high temperature areas.